Sri Lakshmi Srinivasa ManPower Corporation is a company incorporated under the provisions of section 8 of Company Act’2013. It is a non-profitable company incorporated as such to provide quality human resources to the need organisations, companies, trusts, religious institutions, NGOs, Government bodies etc. It further strives to promote Health and Social Welfare Activities in India, intended for the general welfare of the Manpower on contract or out sourcing basis or any other source that includes recruiting, Selecting, Interviewing, Training and Employing all types of Manpower, and such other activities for the welfare of the family, women, children and the handicapped.

The company extends assistance and also provide human resources such as Managerial, executives, Middle Management Staff, Junior Level Staff, Highly skilled, Skilled, semiskilled, Unskilled workers and any other type of Manpower including Manpower relating to religious, vocational, artistic, artisans, fine arts, musicians and community based vocational service as required by any other organization / department / institution/Hindu religious and charitable trusts or bodies/ and to conduct employment bureau, to provide consultancy for the and any other Government/ organization/ department/ institution, NGOs, etc.,

To conduct, sponsor, promote and participate in training programs, courses, seminars, conferences and exhibitions in the areas of operations of the company.

To collaborate with various agencies, institutions, enterprises, departments to help it achieve establishing practices, processes, systems and procedures through IT systems those are sustainable, efficient and effective.